Best Tourist Places To Visit Near Bihar

Best Tourist Places To Visit Near Patna, Bihar

Patna it’s home to Bihar Museum, a contemporary landmark exhibiting bronze sculptures and old coins from the region. Nearby, Indo-Saracenic–style Patna Museum displays a casket believed to contain the Buddha’s ashes. Close to the river, the Golghar is a domed colonial granary overlooking the city. Patna is the capital of Bihar on your destinations. patna has ancient elements written all over it. It is the largest town in Bihar and its history dates back to more than 2500 years. During ancient times, the state was famously known as Pataliputra and it served capital of Magadha Kingdom

  1. Mahabodhi Temple
  2. Golghar
  3. Patna Museum
  4. Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan
  5. Takht Sri Patna Sahib
  6. Barabar Caves
  7. Mahatma Gandhi Setu
  8. Buddha Smriti Park
  9. Funtasia Water Park
  10. Kakolat Falls
  11. Eco Park, Patna
  12. Srikrishna Science Centre
  13. Patan Devi
  14. Tomb of Sher Shah Suri
  15. The Great Buddha Statue
  16. Rohtas Fort, India
  17. Mangla Gauri Temple
  18. Jal Mandir
  19. Bihar Museum
  20. Ganges
  21. Hungama World
  22. Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary
  23. Jubba Sahni Park
  24. Kumhrar Park
  25. Satyendra Narayan Sinha park
  26. Kumhrar Park
  27. Kesaria stupa
  28. Vishnupad Mandir

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