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Rakesh Kumar Reddy:

Rakesh Kumar ReddyHi, my name is Rakesh Kumar Reddy founder of the A Tourist Galaxy site 😉 !

I am  Digital Marketing Specialist based in Bengaluru, India. Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+.

I have been working in the field of Digital marketing for more than 2+ years of hands-on experience in both fulltime and in house

I deeply thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and wish you the happiest of experience while travelling so that you can broaden your mind, and broaden your soul, to the amazing world that we live in. I wish you the happiest and most memorable outdoor travel experiences you can have.

Many years later, i finally had to admit that i would never be truly happy unless. I at least tried to ‘out of here’. I had no honest hope of making it my career – I just wanted to see what i could while i could. The world was changing fast, homogeneity setting into the most remote culture, Languages and traditions dying out daily.

I think so many peoples waste themselves short and limit their experience by buying  into the package tour mentally. If you are really travelling to get an understanding of what other people’s lives are like, you would not find it while stumbling along with forty other foreigners and following a guide with a colored umbrella held high.

I want to encourage others to get out and see and to realize that long distance travel is more accessible than ever. We live at an interesting time, historically modern air travel make such journeys possible for even those of fairy limited means. At the same time, that easy access and modern technology is diluting and homogenizing cultures across the world. Languages are dying out and folk traditions are being forgotten.

I want to see as much of it as i can while it’s still here.

At Home activities:

Rest | Laze around | Catch up with family and friends | Agriculture | Cricket | Gorge on home food | Plan on future new posts

What i collect from my travel:

Connected number of new persons, collecting the number of information about new digital era.

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